Above: The Zimber Inn, circa 1930.  Zimber creek in the foreground after a downpour.  
Photo Courtesy of the the North Canton Historical Society
Marchand, OH,   Founded by Joseph Marchand

Just east of Zimber Creek and west of Mohler’s Hardware and Mathie’s, you will find  the signs that mark the town of Marchand, Ohio.  Joseph Marchand (1825-1889), a son of immigrants from France, was an enterprising young man who founded Marchand.  Although beginning as a farmer Joseph Marchand was soon able  to branch out after selling a strip of his land to the railroad.  The money from this sale helped him build a hotel, a Saloon (The Zimber Inn), a general store and grain elevator.  The yellow train station just east of the B&O Rails was erected for the town of  Marchand.  It was an important train stop for the people, farmers and the merchants of New Berlin (North Canton), Jackson township and surrounding area.  For a time, from 1881 to 1916, the bustling metropolis of Marchand, even had it’s own post office and at least one horse.
The Zimber Inn
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Early in 1880’s, Joseph Marchand’s daughter,  Louise Marchand,  was married to Joseph Zimber and the two set to running the Zimber Inn/Saloon.  In the early 1900’s an ad was placed boasting “J. J. Zimber’s Restaurant, Dealer in Sewer Pipe Supplies”.  Although marketing may have not been Joseph Zimber’s strong hand, the Zimber Inn soon entered the pantheon of neighborhood gathering places, dining spots and watering holes for the people of New Berlin/North Canton and Jackson Township.  Their daughter Olive (Zimber) Goodall eventually took over the Zimber Inn and ran it until she and her husband John retired to Florida, leaving the day to day running of the Zimber to their twin daughters.   In 1965 the Zimber was sold to Ivan Cabassa. 
Palombo’s Restaurant
In 1979, Tony Palombo bought the Zimber Inn and  changed the name to Palombo’s.  Soon after his wife Beverly quit her job at the Hoover company and devoted her energies to the Restaurant.  With the help of their children, they went to work rebuilding and updating the kitchen, the dining and bar area  to what it is today.  Tony & Beverly's vision, hard work, limitless good humor, kindness, recipes, as well as their friends and patrons, are the inspiration for all of us here at Palombo’s Restaurant. A Brief History of Palombo’s Italian Restaurant